Greenwich Real Estate Sales for November 2014 – Part 3 – Inventory and Sales Chart

This is the third of seven posts on the state of the Greenwich real estate market near the end of 2014. To read the entire report click this link: The Greenwich Real Estate Report YTD – Nov. 2014


Greenwich Real Estate - Inventory, Sales and Contracts November

Over $4 million dollars our present inventory significantly exceeds our first 11 months of sales meaning we are looking at much more than a year’s supply of listings at present sales rates. You can also see that most of our sales year to date have been between $1 million and $3 million dollars. In fact over $2 million we have seen much better sales in 2014 than we have seen in any post-recession year to date.

Sales in the ultra-high end market over $10 million market have been extraordinary this year. Fifteen houses have been sold in Greenwich over $10 million including one property for $120 million. Greenwich has actually sold more properties over $10 million than San Francisco and Palm Beach combined. New York City, whose population is 130 times Greenwich’s population sales, has sales over $10 million properties is only about 4 times Greenwich sales.

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