Greenwich Land Trust’s Go Wild! – A lot of fun on a beautiful day

Go Wild! is one of the most fun family events in Greenwich. Over thousand adults and children from Greenwich and all over the area. Held at the polo fields at Conyers Farm in north Greenwich there are lots of activities from 50′ bungee jumps, petting zoo, snake petting with boas from the Beardsley zoo to soccer, pony rides and cornhole. The premier fun thing to do is the balloon ride.  Four beautiful balloons give tethered rides so no danger of ending up in Long Island Sound.

It was touch and go as to whether the balloons would fly as the first two hours of Go Wild! was breezy, but then as the sun got lower the wind died down and the balloons went up.

In the main tent there was plenty of food and drink and back by popular demand country band Gunsmoke played.

Douglas Elliman was the Platinum sponsor; check out the banner behind the band.

It was a good time for a good number of people.


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