Winterizing Your Home – List and Greenwich Time quote

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Macaela Bennett at the Greenwich Time had a good article entitled “In southwestern Connecticut homes, keeping Old Man Winter out” in which I’m quoted about the six areas to review for the coming winter.

The list is below and has been helpful to us in getting ready for winter. I hope it’s helpful you too.

Getting Ready for Winter

By Mark Pruner

Douglas Elliman Greenwich


  1. Appearance
    1. Bring in outdoor furniture
    2. Store pots and dispose of plants
    3. Bring in hoses
    4. Do a final mowing and leaf removal
    5. Do touch up painting and repair wood rot
    6. Consider sealing driveway
    7. Check outdoor lighting
  2. Cold
    1. Winterize pool & equipment
    2. Winterize mowers and power tools add fuel stabilizer or empty of fuel, clean off grass and dirt
    3. Drain exterior water pipes and sprinkler systems
    4. Get energy audit
    5. Energy leaks
      1. Seal up holes
      2. Weatherstripping & caulking
    6. Put in storm windows and storm doors (we remove screens for more light)
    7. Remove window air conditioners
    8. Check that sump pump is working
  3. Heating
    1. Have heating units checked
    2. Bleed air from radiators
    3. Replace filters on forced air systems
  4.  Snow
    1. Confirm with snow plowing service
    2. Check shovels & snow plow
    3. Get sand and snow melt
    4. Get a roof snow rake
    5. Get snow melt for ice dams
  5. Power outages
    1. Check fuel levels
    2. Check generator
    3. Get propane & butuane
    4. Store fuel, add stabilizer
    5. Stock up on non-perishables, water and pet food
    6. Check flashlights and batteries
  6.  General
    1. Clean gutters
    2. Clean roofs particularly valleys and flashing
    3. Repair any roof leaks
    4. Set out traps for warmth seeking bugs & animals
    5. Check chimney and repoint if needed
    6. Check flues if clean and no animal nests
    7. Check condition of trees and remove any dead/dangerous trees

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