Today, the third most stressful thing in a person’s life is buying and selling a home, it is right behind death and job loss. The additional stress of creating financial security and long-term planning adds to the difficulty in home decisions. These stressors are common, but one group faces this with more difficulty than any other seniors. Facing the emotions of change, leaving a place with family history and good memories creates a difficult transition. With all of the complexities in the change, both personally and logistically, we look to simplify and support this important time. 

4 Components of the Process

There are four key parts to supporting seniors that we offer:
  • Do you have any idea of the timing of your move?
  • Do you know where you might want to live yet?
  • Have you thought about what you need in your next home?
  • Do you know if your home is worth what you currently need for your next home?
  • Who is helping you manage and plan for your financial needs?
  • Do you know what you would like to spend every month, including - mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance fees - HOA - upkeep of your next home?
  • What worries you the most about moving from your present home to your new home?
  • Are there other people that will be supporting you during this process?
  • How do you feel about suggestions to make your home more appealing to today’s buyers?
  • What about the transaction worries you the most, and would you want a guide to list the details of what to expect during the sale?
  • Do you have a reliable real estate attorney to assist you in the transaction? Would you like them to review the listing documents before you sign them?
  • How comfortable are you with today’s digital paperwork and remote transaction services?
With so many different parts of the process, we have created a simplified and structured way to help you plan, prepare, and complete your transaction in a far more supportive and nurturing structure than typically found in real estate. 

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