Greenwich Real Estate Sales for November 2014 – Part 1

This is the first of seven posts on the state of the Greenwich real estate market near the end of 2014. To read the entire report click this link: The Greenwich Real Estate Report YTD – Nov. 2014



In July 2014 we saw something we never see, July sales exceeding. August looked even better as we matched sales in August 2013, the best August we have seen in the last nine years. Then sales took a big drop in September 2014 as uncertainty about the future scared homebuyers just as the government shutdown hurt sales in 2013.

Greenwich Real Estate Sales 2012 - Nov. 2014


Sales rebounded nicely in October and the GMLS only sales figures for November show that November is continuing this recovery with 41 sales reported so far. We normally see an additional 13% of non-GMLS sales if that happens then the 46 sales will match the sales in a very good 2013.

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