Mid-May 2015 update

Mid-May 2015 update

Inventory continues to do well with 566 single family homes on the market. The lower you go the less choice you have. Under $600K we only have 3 listings and only 11 listings from $600 – $800K. We’ve sold 38 houses so far this month 2 of which were under $600K and 1 between $600 and $800K. This gives us a total of 175 houses sold through the GMLS and another 156 houses under contract.

Things are still very busy, but not quite as cutthroat when you get to $800K to $1M where we have 22 houses in inventory and 3 sold so far this month, but 11 houses under contract so you still have to be prepared to move quickly.

We have more houses listed over $20M (8 listings) than we have under $600K (the aforementioned 3 listings). Our median list price is $3.3M while our median sales price in May so far has been $1.65M.


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