The High End Connecticut, Fairfield & Greenwich Markets

By Mark Pruner

In most towns outside of Fairfield County the high-end market starts at $1 million, which is less than Greenwich’s 2015 median sales price of $1.85 million. If you narrow the high end market to $2 million plus then you end up with some pretty interesting comparisons between Greenwich, Fairfield County and the rest of Connecticut.

In all of Connecticut outside of Fairfield County we have a total of 278 listings over $2 million. These properties are located along Long Island Sound, the Interstate 91 corridor in central Connecticut and in Litchfield County. In 2015 only 41 properties over $2 million sold in Connecticut, while in Greenwich we had 288 properties sell for over $2 million dollars. (I’m very aware of these numbers, because I have the most expensive listings in four towns outside of this area where you can get a very nice waterfront property for $3 million. 🙂


Figure 1 -Connecticut Listings Over $2M (CT-MLS)

Now the Fairfield County market outside of Connecticut is a place where you do find a lot of high end listings. Outside of Greenwich, Fairfield County has 447 listings over $2 million compared to 339 listings in Greenwich. So there are about a third more $2 million plus listings in the rest of the county than we have just in Greenwich. If you look at 2015 sales though the difference narrows. Last year Greenwich had 288 listings sell for over $2 million dollars while the rest of the county had a few more sales at 316 sales.


Figure 2- Fairfield County Listings over $2M (CMLS)

If, however, you look at sales volume, the total value of the properties sold, Greenwich sold $1.45 billion dollars in single family homes over $2 million dollars while the 316 sales in the rest of Fairfield County totaled $969 million about a third less.


Figure 3 – Greenwich Listings over $2M  (GMLS)

When you go even higher up market to over $5 million you have 55 active properties in Connecticut outside of Fairfield County with a concentration in Litchfield County. Greenwich had 139 listings over $5 million, while the rest of Fairfield County had 65 listings so you get twice the number of options in the over $5 million market in Greenwich than you get in the rest of Fairfield County or the rest of Connecticut.


Figure 4 – Connecticut Listings Over $5M – (CT-MLS)

Last year there were no sales in Connecticut over $5 million. The highest sale price outside of Fairfield County last year as reported on the Connecticut MLS was only $4,500,000. Fairfield County minus Greenwich had 16 sales over $5 million as reported by Greater Fairfield County MLS, while just in Greenwich we had 64 sales.


Figure 5 – Greenwich Listings Over $5M (GMLS)

Many people (including me) had been bemoaning the weakness of our sales over $10 million of which we only had 7 in Greenwich last year. We had 58 sales over $5 million last year and our sales in $5 – 6.5 million range actually did pretty well with 34 of those 58 sales.

We are very lucky to live in Greenwich. It is a very unique town with a lot of benefits; low property taxes, great municipal services, good schools, nice beaches, and a wonderful library. All of these benefits are nice, but what I have always liked about Greenwich is the people. As I once overheard someone say who had done very well in life is that what he liked about Greenwich is that “No matter how much money you had, someone in town always had more.” I think the corollary to that is with a few notable exceptions most of the people in town get along. It’s not about the money it’s about who you are.

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