Fairfield County Home of the 1-Percenters

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The New York Times has an interesting article showing where the top 1-percenters live (its Manhattan and Fairfield County). Manhattan has a one percent threshold at $1,425,000 and Fairfield County’s is close behind at $1,391,000. Westchester County comes in third at $1,185,000 or $240,000 behind Manhattan.

Interestingly, no county in Florida, Texas or Georgia make the top ten. Marin County in California comes in fourth at $1,134,000.  The data is a little out of day as it shows Marin, California McKenzie, ND fourth and with the fall in oil prices I’m sure that’s not the case now. The study also lists three low population, vacation centers in the top ten in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, but these aren’t my first choice places to look for a high paying job.

New York Times - Where the 1-percenters live




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