Top Ten Residential and Commercial Sales in Greenwich, CT for 2019

Greenwich TimeKen Borsuk has a good article in today’s Greenwich Time that discusses the 10 biggest commercial and residential sales. On the residential side the biggest sale was huge, the second biggest sale ever in Greenwich of 110 Field Point Circle for $48 million. For 2019, the second biggest sale in town was 215 Byram Shore Road.

The sale of 110 Field Point Circle didn’t get a lot of press coverage as it was a private sale. We also had two other private top ten residential sale at 64 Oneida Drive which sold for $13 million and at 6 Smith Road which sold for 11.25 million.

These three sales make the over $10 million market look much better as it raises the number of over $10 million from 7 to 10, the same as last year.

Ken was nice enough to quote me a couple of times in the article about the SALT limitation effects on the high-end market and also the weaker, but still seller’s market under $1 million in Greenwich.

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