Bloomberg Article re Sales and Short Term Rentals in Greenwich & Suburbs (MP quoted)

Oshrat Carmiel has a good article on Bloomberg about the increase in sales and rentals, particularly short term rentals in Greenwich and the surrounding New York suburbs. She used the Greenwich sales data that you can see in my post on the Coronavirus and also liked my comment, “There are clearly a lot of people who prefer to put 4 acres of social distance between them and their neighbors rather than 12 inches of wallboard,”

As noted in the article, with the restrictions on movement, things did slow down the third week in March with 17 sales and contracts compared to 33 the week before. Several of the earlier contracts did close last week and as a result single family home sales sales are up in 28% in March through last Friday from 18 sales to 23 sales.

Here is the link to the Bloomberg article and here is where it is on MSN in case the article is behind their paywall.



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