Mid-October Greenwich R.E. report – Still looking good

So far this month we have sold 52 homes in October 2020. Our 10-year average for the whole month of September is 49 houses. So we have already sold more in a half month than we normally sale in the whole month of October. We also have 178 contracts so once again we have a good chance of having over 100 sales for the month.

When you look at our sales and contracts they zig-zag, but at the highest level for the year.

Total 2020Greenwich House Sales and Contracts by Week

One of our hottest areas has been backcountry where sales are up 74% for the year.

Backcountry Sales 2020 YTD (10/17/20)
Sold (Blue)                                          73
Pending (Yellow)                              16
Contingent Contract (Green)      9

This increase in backcountry sales actually started in 2019 when backcountry sales for 2019 was 30% higher than we had in 2018. It’s going to be an interesting 4th quarter.

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