Greenwich Real Estate Ends First Half with a High-Priced Bang

Greenwich, CT

Greenwich Real Estate Ends First Half with a High-Priced Bang
June was a remarkable month in sales with 77 sales of which 10 were over $5 million including our highest and third-highest sales for this year.

Here are the highlights:
  • Sales took a sharp upturn in June 2023, ending the month with 77 sales of single-family homes
  • This was up from 50 sales in May 2023 and 8 sales above the 69 sales we had last year in June 2022
  • We are still below our 10-year, pre-Covid average of 86 sales in June due to very low inventory
  • Our prices continue to appreciate in 2023 with the average price now $3,143,597
  • Our median price is up to $2,550,000 or up 37% since the 1st half of 2018
  • We are up 1% or $25,000 from last year’s median of $2,525,000, which is small, but other areas of the U.S. are seeing prices drop
  • Our price per s.f. is up 3.2% from last year
  • We only have 146 listings which is a new record for the end of the first half
  • Contracts outstanding fell by 17 in June as a result of many deals closing in June
  • Year-to-date our 252 first-half sales are down 24% from last year’s 331 sales
  • We would have higher sales if we had more inventory. The big question is how much; as demand is down, just not as much as inventory, leaving a pro-seller market
  •  Our inventory over the last four years is down dramatically at every price level
  • Under $1 million we have gone from 61 listings in 2019 to 12 listings as of the end of the first  half
  • Our biggest percentage drop is from $1 – 2 million where our inventory has dropped 91%, from 193 listings to only 17 listings this year.
  • Even the very high-end over $6.5 million has less than half the inventory it had in 2019 going from 91 listings to 40 listings. 
  • Very low inventory makes for very low months of supply with only 3.5 months of supply market-wide
  • All of our prices range up $5 million supply are seller’s markets
  • Above $5 million we saw big drops in months of supply when you annualize June sales which was a good month for high-end sales
  • From $1 – 1.5 million we have 27 days of supply
  • Our sales YTD are concentrated between $1 and 5 million
  • Below $1 million we only have 12 listings
  • Above $5 million demand is less, but sales picked up in June with 10 sales over $5 million compared to 27 sales in the previous 5 months

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